my poem's mythology

transparency      sounding the fourth note of our Winter

becoming at one with all things and owner of none

I have used mythology that tells of the Poplar trunk and branches pointing to heaven to remind us to dance with all things on earth as served to us and be thankful for what we have.

Bards have shared stories that tell us about those who try to command the spirits of the universe upon us to spread melancholy.

They also tell us how to overcome them is to dance with all things on earth as our dancing partners.

Opening lines by William Cowper once a pupil at my school then a patron who planted poplars there, became an MP who passed a bill, in the 19th century, to give parents a right to excuse their children from the religious education curriculum of the school.

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my Eadha the Poplar story poem explained ...

My story poem commences with a verse from William Cowper, pronounced "cooper", revealing he was quite a "Jack The Lad" before being a school founder and parliament member (careful now).

"I speak of Eadha the Poplars felled by the woodman"
as being of similar mind to Cowper's "perishing pleasures of man".

Carrying on, I touch again on the comparison of the school education I was force fed into compared to the education I feel as was receiving from other sources where I seemed to learn more.

In this story I speak of the "lonely lady on the moon" to give words of what I thought was the presence of an unseen teacher that nobody seemed to be listening to any more and, as a youngster, thought she may be lonely.

I gathered some of my friends to consider this other wholesome teaching from this women rather than linear way of learning.

From this I include a line of translation from Mao Tse-tung to illustrate there may be come discomfort but we have to soak ourselves into into the learning of being part of all things rather than be master or owner of any of them ... without becoming communists, I suppose.

I conclude that I continue to live these teachings that I was drawn to as a child, and maybe I'm writing this to know offer others the inspiration.

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